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Always love your natural

Always Love Your Natural

Get Glammed!

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*Pricing below features member and non-member pricing. Member pricing will be featured in yellow.*

Glam Me Out $75+

Everybody loves those beautiful looks from a twist/ braid out. There are so many variations and options to achieve the desired look. If you love rocking your natural, then let us glam out those natural curls to a desired style of beauty.

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Glamour Fusion $80

Our signature straightening process

This is a chemical free process incorporating the use of steam. This treatment restores moisture, detoxifies, reduces frayed ends, softens hair cuticles, silkens hair strands, does not loosen the natural curl pattern,and temporarily straightens up to 8 weeks. Recommended for Temporary Straight Naturals because once hair is fully immersed into water, curl pattern returns. Includes a shampoo, condition, hydration steam therapy treatment & desired style.

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Start These Locs $100+

Interested in growing out some luscious locs? We can definitely assist in getting you started on your loc journey. Begin with a stimulating shampoo,, deep conditioning to prepare hair for locing process, and then twisting/ comb twist of locs.

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Natural/Specialty Styles

Silk Me Baby

Our basic blow out to get hair 

straight and silky. With this 

service, clients receive an 

invigorating shampoo, condition, blow out, and desired style of 



Mohawk Diva

Braided cornrows in the 

form of  mohawk


Glamour Knots

Bantu Knots 


Braids/ Locs

Retouch These Locs I

A loc refresher. Enjoy a shampoo and scalp 

massage, then re-twisting of 

your locs to 




Basic Cornrows