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Get Glammed!

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We take pleasure in making you feel beautiful by providing you with unforgettable glamour experiences. Allowing us to cater to your desired beauty look is what we love to do. We want to ensure that you are leaving our doors with an unforgettable experience. If at anytime you are unhappy with your service, we ask that you please let us know. We take customer satisfaction seriously and will address your issue promptly. In order for us to better serve your needs, please let us know how we are doing with your comments, concerns, suggestions, and thoughts. Or if you just want to say "hello!", we would like to hear that too!

Tell us...Ask us...we won't bite!

Let Us Know

Got Questions?

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes. We're open (7) days a week, and accept walk-ins daily

Can appointments be made outside of our normal appointments?

Yes. We can accommodate clients that need to book an appointment before and after our normal business hours for a fee.

Are children allowed in the salon?

Children are allowed in the salon whether being serviced or not, as long as they are well behaved. If your child cannot be well behaved, we may ask you to leave. We do this in order to ensure the comfortability of all clients.

Are complimentary services offered?

We love catering to our clients, so we offer complimentary beverages, wine, delectable treats, Wifi, charging stations for electronic devices, and concierge services to local restaurants.

How much time is spent in Glamour Phase 5?

The amount of time spent in the salon varies depending on the service. Please be aware that wait times may be longer when the salon is busy.

What types of services are offered?

We are a full service beauty bar that offers an array of services such as extensions, nails, full body waxing, lashes, makeup, braiding, healthy natural hair care, color, cuts, and microblading

What type of extensions do you offer?

We offer a variety of extension types. Come in and speak to one of our Glam Artists for a consultation.

Your extensions start at $75, what does that include?

The $75 sew-in or "Xpress Glam" includes leaving a portion of your natural hair exposed to cover the weft with the parting of choice, a basic trim and flat iron. *Restrictions Apply*

How many bundles/ packs of hair is needed for an install?

We recommend bringing in at least (2) bundles/ packs of 100% human hair...unless it's longer than 18" or more, which may require (3) bundles/ packs or more. We don't necessarily require (2) bundles/ packs, but we recommend (2) to be safe.

What kind of hair do you recommend?

We don't recommend a particular type or brand of hair since individual budgets may vary; however, we do require it to be at least 100% human hair.

Will I be charged if I bring in reused hair?

We don't charge for reused hair, unless if it's cut into jigsaw pieces.

Do you have hair on site?

Yes. We sell an exclusive line of exotic virgin hair extensions. Call, come in, or just us out on our website for details.

Why is a deposit required?

THE DEPOSIT...I know everyone dreads it, but can you imagine how hard it is to gauge how serious a client is? A deposit of 25% is required of the total investment for all salon services or $25 for services less than $100. This ensures the salon saves your desired date in our calendar. Clients that book an appointment must also have a valid phone number and email address.

Please be advised that appointments booked without a deposit are not guaranteed a scheduled appointment slot, and may be subject to cancellation.

What type of tracking method is used?

We use multiple tracking methods. Our standard method is single, but other methods may be used per request or dependent upon the number of bundles using for install.

I've never had extensions before, what should I expect?

The weave experience varies from person to person. We recommend a "weave virgin" to 1st begin with a partial sew-in, where the client leaves a portion of their natural hair exposed to cover the wefts, hair will be braided in a pattern as a base to sew the wefts on with a glamourous end result. The other option may be a lace closure sew-in, due to its nature, it gives the appearance of natural hair because it allows for various partings. Also, expect to feel slight tension; however, we do not suggest that "weave virgins" receive a traditional custom closure on their 1st weaving experience, especially if you've never worn a wig before because many clients state that a custom closure install has a wig-ish feeling.

My hair is thinning, what type of install do you recommend?

Clients that have thinning issues, a recommended to have a consultation prior to any extension services.

Are my braids or install supposed to be tight?

No. Braids or extensions may experience slight tension or discomfort, but shouldn't feel as if scalp is on fire or extremely painful.

Do you use the straight back or bee hive method for installs?

No. Glamour Phase 5 uses multiple braiding patterns that are customized based on the client that are guaranteed to allow your installation to lay flat! Each client's head shape, hair length, and texture are different, so we customize each braid base according to that. Some situations may require additional fees.

My hair is short, can it be braided?

Yes. A detailed and customized consultation would be required.

Should I get a relaxer before a braiding or extension service?

No. We do not recommend getting chemical services, such as a fresh relaxer prior to any braiding or extension services because it thins out the natural hair, add a braid foundation to an install, and you have more tension, which will definitely cause breakage and damage to your natural hair. However, for those clients receiving extensions where the natural hair is exposed to cover the wefts is fine.

Do you offer relaxers?

No. We specialize in healthy growing natural hair, so we do not offer relaxers; however, we do have a "relaxer like" service we call the Glamour Fusion that allows the natural hair to be straight for 2-8 weeks. Please be advised that hair textures vary in times for ho w long hair will stay straight. This process is also not permanent.

Am allowed to leave the salon if it gets crowded or I need to run an errand?

You're allowed to leave the salon, but if you're having an extension service done and have already been braided down, you must leave a $25 deposit. For any braiding services that have begun, we require a 50% deposit. We will give you a courtesy call when you're coming up next; however, you must be available to service once your turn comes around or you may lose your slot and need to re-sign in again.