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Love Braids?


...we do too!

we'd love to glam you with your

 next ideal go-to braid style!

Get Glammed!

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*Pricing below features member and non-member pricing. Member pricing will be featured in yellow.*

*Braid prices are based on our standard size  and length. No Hair is included in any price listed*


Glamrows Xpress 

Braid Simplicity

(6) or less feed-in style cornrows 

*For fullness, number of braids, and braid length will require same amount of braid packs*

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Single Me

Braid Favorite

Individual/ Box Braids

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Twisted Beauties

Twist Lovers

Senegalese, Kinky, Spring, Fluffy, Yarn, Passion & Nubian Twists

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Glamrows Xpress I 

Traditional(6) Braids or less 

*not feeder braides


Glamrows Xpress 


Traditional (12) Braids or less


Glamrows I

Basic Cornrows


Glamrows II

Ghana/ Feeder Cornrows


Glamrows III

Cornrows w/ individual/

box braids



Boho Glam

Extra large/ Oversized 


*Butt length is standard 


Single Me

Individual/ Box Braids


Knotless Single Me

Knotless Individual/ Box Braids


Mini Phase

Micro Braids


Illusion Phase II

Tree Braids (Individuals)


Specialty Braids

French Goddess I

(2) Inverted/ Dutch Braids 

up to waist length

*longer lengths additional*


French Goddess II

(2) Fishtail/ Mermaid Braids 

up to midback length

*longer lengths additional*


Glamour Knots 

Bantu Knots w/ extensions


Mohawk Diva

(M) Braids w/ sew-in or crochet 

extensions in the form of a 


*smaller sizes & longer lengths 



Illusion Phase I

Tree Braids (Cornrows)


What Locs?

Faux Loc extensions


Loc Extensions

Want locs but don't want to go through the 

hassle of waiting to grow 

them out? Well we can get 

you those luscious locs in 

just a few short hours like 

they're literally growing 

from your 

scalp. Speak to one of our 

Glam Artists about 

this service.




Twisted Beauties I

Senegalese/Kinky Twists


Twisted Beauties II

Yarn, Nubian, Spring, and Fluffy Twists