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Love Braids?


...we do too!

we'd love to glam you with your

 next ideal go-to braid style!

Get Glammed!

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*Pricing below features member and non-member pricing. Member pricing will be featured in yellow.*

*Braid prices are based on our standard size  and length. No Hair is included in any price listed*

$65+/ $35+ 

Glamrows Xpress 

Braid Simplicity

(6) or less feed-in style cornrows 

*For fullness, number of braids, and braid length will require same amount of braid packs*

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$130+/ $100+

Single Me

Braid Favorite

Individual/ Box Braids

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$150+/ $125+

Twisted Beauties

Twist Lovers

Senegalese, Kinky, Spring, Fluffy, Yarn & Nubian Twists

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Glamrows Xpress I 

(6) Braids or less

$35+/ $25+

Glamrows Xpress II

(12) Braids or less

$50/ $35

Glamrows I

Basic Cornrows

$50+/ $35+

Glamrows II

Ghana/ Feeder Cornrows

$65+/ $50+

Glamrows III

Cornrows w/ individual/box braids

$90+/ $75+


Boho Glam

Extra large/ Oversized braids

$100+/ $75+

Single Me

Individual/ Box Braids

$130+/ $100+

Mini Phase

Micro Braids

$160+/ $125+

Illusion Phase II

Tree Braids (Individuals)

$200+/ $165+

Specialty Braids

French Goddess I

Inverted Braids (per braid)

$25+/ $15+

French Goddess II

Fishtail Braids (per braids)

$35+/ $20+

Glamour Knots 

Bantu Knots w/ extensions

$65+/ $45+

Mohawk Diva

Braided w/ sew-in or crochet extensions in the form of a mohawk

$75+/ $50+

Illusion Phase I

Tree Braids (Cornrows)

$150+/ $125+

What Locs?

Faux Loc extensions

$200+/ $150+

Loc Extensions

Want locs but don't want to go through the 

hassle of waiting to grow them out? Well we can get you those luscious locs in just a few short hours like they're literally growing from your 

scalp. Speak to one of our Glam Artists about 

this service.




Twisted Beauties I

Senegalese and Kinky Twists

$150+/ $125+

Twisted Beauties II

Yarn, Nubian, Spring, and Fluffy Twists

$175+/ $140+